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Biker Dad: Summer bike nights a rite of biker passage

Bike Night on Beale Bike Night on Beale
John Woods John Woods

It’s a rite of passage for new bikers and old every spring, a Memphis motorcycle tradition. Bike Night on Beale Street is now in full swing.

If you’re a biker it certainly doesn’t get better than this. If you don’t ride you can still come and enjoy the spectacle.

"Wednesday Night, Bike Night on Beale Street. I love motorcycles and this is one of the best ones in Memphis," Steve White, who rides a Harley Davidson down to Beale almost every week, said.

His biker buddy, Pat Gallina at his side, she's just as enthusiastic.

"Motorcycles, motorcycles and more motorcycles," she said with a huge smile on her face,."You know most women don’t go out and buy a bike. I just got the attitude when I turned 44."

Music from the recently departed artist Prince pumps from the speakers mounted on John Woods insanely customized Harley Davidson Road King.

"Bike night, in May. What else can I say, This is awesome," Woods exclaimed as the Prince music mixes in with the sound of motorcycle exhaust and the LIVE blues flowing out of the clubs on Beale.

Anywhere from several hundred to several thousand bikers show up with their machines each week depending on the weather and what else is happening around town.

A crowd gathers around Woods' orange custom bike, covered in skulls and other intricate artwork. His ride is catching the eyes of bikers and tourists alike. 

"Man people just comin’ together ridin’ bikes and the people coming out to see the bikes. We have a good time. That’s what it’s all about," Woods said.

Back down towards B.B King's Steve White could not agree more.

"I love the crowd, I love all the different types of motorcycles. Look at this green motorcycle, look at this road king. It’s all different, it’s all good," White said.

You can see any kind of motorcycle, even scooters on Beale any given Wednesday, and you can see any kind of biker too.

"Bikers come in all shapes and forms baby. You could be ridin’ three wheels, you could be ridin’ two. Whatever you want to do, it’s on you," Woods said. "The first time I got on a bike I fell in love. Been here ever since know what I’m sayin’?"

If you missed bike night this week, no worries. This happens every Wednesday night right here on Beale Street.

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Chris Best is the Assistant News Director for WMC Action News 5. He's a husband and father of four, He's also a motorcycle enthusiast.

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