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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Carlie Trent returns home appearing happy & healthy

Carlie Trent (Source: NBC) Carlie Trent (Source: NBC)
Trent returning home (Source: NBC) Trent returning home (Source: NBC)

Carlie Trent returned to her Rogersville, TN home on Friday afternoon. She appeared to be healthy and happy to be home with her sister and pets.

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As soon as Carlie got home, she kissed her aunt, Linda Simpson, and played with her dog. At first, she appeared shy in front of the cameras, but she quickly opened up as she ran around the yard and played with her sister: jumping on a trampoline, playing basketball, and hula hooping.

"All I have to say is that we're all glad Carlie is home," her sister, Katie, said.

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"We just want to love her and hold her, take care of her and support her," Linda Simpson said.

Linda's husband, Gary, is in jail for kidnapping Carlie from her school on May 4. Linda said she doesn't really care what happens to her husband.

"He's where he deserves to be," she said. The family still doesn't know why Gary took Carlie.

Carlie, 9, was the subject of an Amber Alert for one week until two men found her with her uncle, Gary Simpson.

Carlie was found in a rural area of Hawkins County, Tennessee. Gary Simpson was arrested and charged with especially aggravated kidnapping.

Investigators said he went to Carlie's school on May 4 and told school officials that her father had been in a car crash. Simpson said he was taking Carlie to see her dad and he did not expect her to return to school the next day.

Investigators said Simpson had custody of Carlie so recently that he was still on the approved list of people who could pick her up.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said Simpson withdrew money from the bank and bought camping supplies before taking Carlie from school. He then took her to the grocery store to buy more supplies.

Simpson is being held on a $1 million bond. His first court appearance is set for Monday.

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