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Dress your best without buyer's remorse

(Source: WXIX) (Source: WXIX)
(Source: WXIX) (Source: WXIX)

Websites are popping up giving you the flexibility of Netflix but with clothing instead of movies.

Fashion is a great means of self-expression, but nobody wants to go broke showing off their artsy side.

To fill that need, several companies are giving people the chance to rent clothes.

Rent the Runway is one of those websites.

"A friend told me she used it for an event, so I used it for an event, but when I was looking online, I realized there were a lot of other clothes I could wear on the air," news anchor Kara Sewell said. Sewell works for a station in Cincinnati owned by Raycom Media.

With Rent the Runway, you can request a trendy dress, wear it, and then send it back. You get all the perks of having a new dress without having to expand your closet.

Charlotte Fielder is a mom-to-be. She said finding maternity clothes is a nightmare.

"Shopping is very tedious for me," Fielder said.

Borrow for Your Bump is an online rental service dedicated to maternity clothing.

So instead of investing in clothes she'll only wear for a few months, she is renting her wardrobe.

"I'm looking forward to buying little baby clothes, which I find to be way more enjoyable to buying my actual clothes," Fielder said.

The rental subscriptions are the latest trend called the sharing economy model. That model is giving traditional retailers a run for their money.

Another rental site, Gwynnie Bee, caters to plus-size fashionistas. Customers can shop through hundreds of clothing items in a virtual closet.

Tiffany Brown tried out the service and was pleased with the process.

"I can sit here and shop this thing all day," Brown said.

All of the websites offer free shipping, and they will take care of cleaning the clothes for you.

Of course, the big question is how much does it cost?

The answer is that it depends. Many of the sites have set fees for one item rentals, or you can pay a monthly flat fee to rent multiple items at a time.

Rent the Runway's monthly fee is $139 for the ability to rent three items at a time.

Gwynnie Bee's monthly fee starts at $49 or you can pay $95 for the ability to rent three items at a time.

Borrow for Your Bump's plans start at $49 per month.

Those three are not the only clothing rental companies on the market. Below you'll find a few others we've found.


Freshneck.com -- This service provides necktie rentals for men.

TheMrCollection.com - This service provides men's clothing.

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