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A Better Mid-South: Boxing to a better life

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

Editorial by Tracey Rogers, Vice President and General Manager of WMC Action News 5:

Memphis police officers are working hard fighting our ever-troubling crime problem, and then there is a group of special officers going the extra mile for our kids. 

Two Memphis officers are making a difference through boxing. The officers work with young people at a gym near the fairgrounds.

The program is aimed at teaching at-risk children and showing them the value of discipline, respect, and hard work.

The teens said being in the gym is a way to channel anger and stress. They also said getting a good workout keeps them away from gangs.

Talk about a positive influence!

Do you know of other programs that are working to keep kids headed in the right direction? If so, email me at abettermidsouth@wmctv.com or post on my Facebook page.

Thank you to the Memphis police officers who are doing this work to keep our kids safe and make this A Better Mid-South.

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