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With one device thieves are stealing your credit card information

(Source: WMC Action News 5 archives) (Source: WMC Action News 5 archives)

With one device, thieves can steal your credit card information.

The device is called a skimmer. The thieves place the device on a credit card receiver (like a gas pump or parking meter). When you swipe your card, you pay for the product, but you also give your credit card information away.

"This has never happened to me ever," WMC Action News 5's Traffic Anchor Janeen Gordon said.

That is, not until she checked her bank account on Tuesday.

"I noticed there were ATM withdrawals of $400 and nearly $200, but they were in East Tennessee," Gordon said.

She believes a gas station on Union Avenue could be where skimmers may have got her information. It's not the first time we have warned you about skimming from customer's credit cards at this location.

In September 2015, Memphis Police Department found a card skimmer on pumps at that Midtown gas station.

"I back tracked every place that I had gone where I had to use my pin," Gordon said. 

She said it has only been used at her bank and the Shell Gas Station on Union in the past week.

"The fact that they have had issues in the past with card skimmers there, it could be a possibility," Gordon said.

And she's not alone.

Kathy Ferguson said she lost more than $200 after a credit card swipe at the gas station. 

"It's not something I've ever thought to stop and look for," Ferguson said during an interview in September. "I will now."

Memphis police said they have investigated dozens of reports of credit card fraud in the 38104 zip code in the past year. But, they said every report involves gas station skimming. 

The person who put the skimmer there is still at large. 

The gas station's manager said since that incident, his employees check the pumps twice a day to make sure customers can safely pay for their gas.

He checked for skimmers and said everything appeared normal, but said it is possible someone may be here overnight and installing skimmers with a universal key used to open different card readers.

Tips when using gas pumps:

  • Use a credit card instead of a debit card
  • Look for a seal on the side of the card reader. If that seal is broken, don't use it.

"Very scary, because I work hard for my money," Gordon said.

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