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Stop companies stalking you on your cell phone

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Is your cell phone spying on you?  Believe it or not, Apple and Android phones keep track of every move you make.

Your phone actually records where you go and even measures how long you stay there. Cell phone creators say the feature is there to help your device work with third party apps--like the UBER app--which need your exact location to work properly.

The feature also helps companies track your location and then pop up ads on your phone depending on where you are. It allows companies to know which products you have viewed online and then send you "stalker" ads about a particular product.   You might like having ads come to you, but if you want to put a stop to it, read on.

To stop your phone from logging where you go on iPhone, go to settings, then privacy. Turn off  “location services”. This feature actually records your movements from the last two months.

If you have an Android, tap the slider OFF for location reporting and location history. 

To limit the ads that pop up on your iPhone, go to settings, then privacy.  Scroll to the very bottom and tap Advertising.  Slide the "limit ad tracking" and you should see a difference.

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