Here are some of the stories we're following Wednesday morning - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Here are some of the stories we're following Wednesday morning

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Credit card thieves are at it again, skimming your information at local businesses. It's a money-stealing scheme that affected one of our own at WMC. Something most of us do almost everyday put her at risk. Join us for details on what happened to Janeen Gordon's credit card and how you can prevent being a victim.

The old Memphis police headquarters is on track to becoming a boutique hotel. We'll explain the new plans this morning on WMC

We're updating you on Decision 2016. Clinton wins Kentucky by a nose and Sanders wins Oregon convincingly. Both sides are heated and passionate about last night's victories. Could this lead to a contested convention for the Democrats? We're updating you this morning on WMC.

Today there's help for veterans and people living with disabilities, who are looking for jobs. We have information on a free job fair and educational summit to help veterans and the disabled find work.

Thirty-one athletes from 12 countries and across six different sports tested positive for banned substances and may now be banned from competing in the summer Olympics in Rio. The IOC retested samples from the 2008 Beijing Olympics and made these findings. We'll explain what this could mean going forward this summer.

Cool day temps in the high 60s and low 70s..Cloudy conditions expected today. Next chance of rain may be Friday. Details on the day and week ahead on WMC Action News 5 with weather and traffic no more than 7 minutes away.

Here are the top stories on :

With one device thieves are stealing your credit card information 

Parents raising awareness about electrical shock drowning 

Missing Memphis woman's car found two and a half hours away 

'Prophetess' accused of stealing $160K in food from hungry kids 

Truth behind hair extensions: what's really on your head? 

Join us as we get going this morning...we are live from 4:30-7am with news, weather, and traffic on WMC Action News 5.

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