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Biker Dad: "Bike Mine," explosive deterrent to motorcycle thieves

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Vehicle alarms, about as useless as the mobile pagers folks carried around back in the 90s when they were both coming of age. When is the last time you even turned your head when one went off? Alarms aren't exactly the most reliable way to prevent a break-in or a theft anymore. At least, that was the thought from the creators of a new theft deterrent device called the "Bike Mine."

Instead of the chirping cry of a car alarm, your motorcycle, car, boat, jet ski is protected by what amounts to the sound of a 150 decibel gunshot. According to a campaign on the crowd funding website, Kickstarter, Bike Mine is the "world's loudest alarm; the ultimate deterrent against theft of your bicycle, motorbike, boat, or jet ski."

In the video below, the inventor pitches the product. It looks pretty much like strapping a small shotgun shell to your bike. It fires off a blank shot with a loud bang.

According to the Kickstarter description, "BIKE MINE comprises a length of titanium wire, a spring-loaded trap and a small detonator. Velcro straps allow it to be attached quickly to protect almost anything you store outside or in a garage or shed. It's robust steel construction is covered in a rubber skin to protect your property."

"In the war against thieves, your goal should be to get them caught in the act." The description goes on and says, "Bike Mine" is extremely hard for a thief to detect and when they do, it's too late: You are awake. Your neighbour is awake. They are running away as fast as they can."

Will the sound of a gunshot really keep your bike safe? It certainly would get your attention. But, this device's usefulness is still yet to be seen.

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Chris Best is the Assistant News Director for WMC Action News 5. He's a husband and father of four, He's also a motorcycle enthusiast.

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