Streamlined Home Loan Process

For qualified borrowers, First Tennessee Home Loan Corporation can simplify your refinance. . . with streamlined programs, designed to help get you through closing faster and easier than ever.

Home Purchase Programs:
If you're looking for a new home loan, our streamlined programs include:

  • Simplified employment and income history
  • Simplified evidence of funds to close
  • Streamlined property inspections rather than full appraisals

All these features are designed to make your next home loan quicker and easier than ever.

Home Refinance Programs:
Our streamlined refinance programs are designed to eliminate unnecessary cost and paperwork. For qualified borrowers this means:

  • No Appraisal
  • No Credit report
  • No Employment documentation
  • Automatic escrow transfers to your new loan, eliminating this closing cost

Best of all, First Tennesse's Streamlined Refinance Program allows you the option to keep the remaining term on your refinanced loan. So, if you've got 27 years remaining on your 30 year loan, your Streamlined Refinance Loan could include a 27 year term.