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The AmeriSpec Home Inspection is a visual inspection of many accessible internal and external components of a home. Over 400 items are inspected including foundation, roof, structural components, plus all major electrical, plumbing and mechanical operating systems of the property.

AmeriSpec Quality

A comprehensive report is then provided by the inspector in an easy-to-read format, allowing you to know more about what you're buying before you buy it.

In addition to the report, AmeriSpec provides you with a 190-page Home Maintenance Manual, with valuable information for those "do-it-yourself" home projects.

Highly Trained Inspectors

Every AmeriSpec home inspector must be certified. Only one in fifty potential inspectors has the technical and communication skills required by AmeriSpec.

Each inspector must undergo a comprehensive training program. The inspector must pass an in-depth review of his inspection abilities as well as a written test.

Upon completion of training, each inspector is subjected to a complete in-field review before he or she can inspect a house. The result of all this preparation is a quality inspection that is performed objectively and professionally.

Exceeds industry inspection standards Requires the use of inspectors trained according to the standards of ASHI
Provides a comprehensive, ethical inspection report Prohibits conducting repairs on properties they inspect
Is owned by ServiceMaster, a Fortune 500 parent company Carries extensive errors and omissions insurance