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Biker Dad: 'Balloon Biker' rides and twists for kids!

When you think of bikers, you probably don’t think of princesses, mermaids, and Mario Brothers. That’s about to change.

Meet the "Balloon Biker." Mickey Cameron is a Mid-South transplant from Nevada. And for the past eight years he's been using his passion for motorcycles, and balloon animals to put smiles on the faces of kids. At a lot of the motorcycle events around the Mid-South, among the roaring of motorcycles you will hear some squeaking.

That’s coming from the Balloon Biker. “My name is 'Shrimp,'" that's his biker handle, "I’m also known as the Balloon Biker. I go out to a lot of non-profits and children’s charities and make balloons," Cameron told me at a recent event at Southern Thunder Harley Davidson in Southaven.

“No matter how bad the kid’s day has been, they can be tired, they can be sad, they can be hungry, they can be ready for nap. All of a sudden you hand the kid a balloon and they’ve got a smile on their face,” Cameron says just before he hands my 6-year-old daughter Alie a mermaid balloon, “I knew I’d see a smile, there you go!”

Like many of the 99 percent of bikers out there, Cameron says he's “just trying to show people a different side of bikers, "I used to do the long charity rides that benefit kids with disabilities. I noticed that even though the charity was for them, they’d be standing way out there avoiding the bikers and a lot of the bikes. I Looked up a few of the balloons online and all of the sudden the kids were coming over getting the balloons, sitting on the bikes and seeing a whole different style of us”

My son Tommy was being a grump that Saturday afternoon, which is nothing new. But even he couldn't keep the smile from cracking on his face when Cameron handed him the creation made just for him “does that look like Lightning McQueen buddy? It does?...And there’s the smile!”

Watch him make the balloon in 8 seconds:

If you name it, he can make a balloon out of it, even a monkey riding a motorcycle (sounds a little bit like a balloon of me). 

The Balloon Biker will perform his magic at charity events absolutely free of charge. You can find him on Facebook by clicking here.

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Chris Best is the Assistant News Director for WMC Action News 5. He's a husband and father of four, He's also a motorcycle enthusiast.

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