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61-year-old woman shot at while driving under the I-240 flyover

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

Memphis police are looking for the person(s) responsible for a road rage incident on Interstate 240.

The incident happened on eastbound Sam Cooper underneath the I-240 flyover.

The victim in the incident went to the Appling Farms Police Station to report it.

According to police, the victim, a 61-year-old woman, told officers a gray Ford F250 pickup truck came up behind her as she was driving underneath the flyover, pulled out a gun, and began shooting.

The victim then said she heard a loud sound and a plastic object hit her window, but didn’t break it. Her window was smeared with what appeared to be black and white paint.

“I think it's ridiculous you can't even drive in your own city without someone trying to shoot you,” William Riley said.

The victim said she had no idea why the occupants of the truck were upset with her.

The woman was not hurt in the road rage incident.

Riley said this incident of violence will make him change his ways on the road.

“I think people should just slow down and be patient about what they doing before they react,” he said.

“Just be more courteous and more patient,” Francis Carlock said. “Everybody's going through something, and things are on people's mind that you don't know what.”

James Keith said he was lucky he wasn't hurt when a semi ran him off the road on his motorcycle in a separate road rage incident.

"Wasn't no bullets being shot, but definitely got ran off the road," Keith recalled.

Demarion Graham said construction seems to ignite a lot of these incidents, so he said it's no wonder the construction around the I-40, I-240 interchange is the site of so many road rage incidents.

Police do not have a description of the suspect(s) who shot at the 61-year-old woman on Friday. Officers did release the license plate number of the truck: TN tag number NG2503.

Memphis police dispatch said there were no additional shots fired calls made or descriptions of the suspect’s vehicle.

This is an ongoing investigation.

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