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How to see the best view of Mars in a decade

Source: NASA Source: NASA

Don't forget to look up on Monday night! On Memorial Day, Mars will be 46.8 million miles away from earth, which will be the closest passing since November of 2005. 

Mars reached opposition last week, which means Mars and the sun are on exact opposite sides of Earth.This position makes it appear larger and brighter.

Although Mars will NOT appear as big as the moon, it will shine brighter than most of the stars in the sky. If you have a telescope, you will be able to see Mars in amazing detail. 

Mars will be closest to Earth around 4:30 PM, but you will still see it shining bright in the sky after sunset. The best view will be around midnight when the sky is dark and the bright red planet is high in the sky. 

There will be periodic breaks in the cloud cover, so find a good spot outside and watch our neighboring planet pass by! 

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