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What we're working on Monday morning

Good morning!!

Here are some of the stories we're following at this hour:

Mid-South health leaders are saying you may want to limit your time outside, especially if you have asthma or breathing problems. A Code Orange Air Quality Alert is in effect, meaning high ozone levels may make it harder to breathe. Details on what that means and what the forecast with be today and this week on WMC.

McKellar Lake is back open after it was shut down for weeks when raw sewage started leaking into Cypress Creek and E. Coli levels spiked. We'll update you on the progress this morning.

Vacation Express's non-stop flights from the Bluff City to Cancun kick off today at Memphis International Airport. The company is hosting a news conference at 10 this morning to celebrate the service.

 A group of Collierville 3rd graders just can't stop the feeling. Watch how Ms. Newell's class at Bailey Station elementary celebrated the end of third grade in style.

As the world gets ready for the summer Olympic games in Rio, our own hometown gold medalist hopes to see you on the track. Rochelle Stevens is hosting the annual track meet at St. Georges Independent School in Collierville. We'll explain how you can be a part of it!

A major new clue in the crash of EgyptAir Flight 804-- sensor readings from different parts of the plane show smoke alarms were going off on board before it crashed. We'll update you on the investigation this morning.

President Barack Obama is in Vietnam, the first stop on a week-long visit to Asia. He's making headlines by lifting the ban on selling weapons to the country. He also addressed the death of Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Mansour. He was killed when a U.S. drone fired on his vehicle in Pakistan. Hear the latest from his trip this morning.

Donald Trump is scheduled to sit down with Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker today. Corker's name has been floated around as a possible vice presidential pick for Trump. The latest from the campaign trail this morning.


It's going to be warm today even though it's in the upper 50s right now across much of the Mid-South. Temps today will be in the upper 80s. Details on the day and week ahead including rain chances. Plan your week and weekend with us. Weather and traffic no more than 7 minutes away on WMC Action News 5.

Here are the top stories on wmcactionnews5.com :

Human cartoon removes six ribs to look like Holli Would, Jessica Rabbit 

Man admits to shooting assault rifle into crowd, killing woman 

Postal worker finds kids alone, covered in feces 

Code Orange ozone alert issued for Monday 

Five-year-old shoots, kills self while playing with gun 

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