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10 ways to save on your energy bill

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

It's the time of year when we all dread the coming of our energy bill: summer.  As the temperatures spike, so does the amount we owe to energy providers. 

However, MLGW is offering a few tips on ways you can save this summer.

  1. Control room temperature. Dial down in the winter and dial up in the summer. MLGW says half of your bill is spent heating and cooling your home. MLGW said during the summer, keep the thermostat set at 78.  Every number below that can increase your bill by 6 percent.
  2. Reduce water heater setting. MLGW said a temperature setting as low as 120 degrees is plenty for a family home. If your water heater doesn't have an exact setting, then "low" should be fine.
  3. Insulate your water heater. Your water heater works 24 hours a day to provide hot water for your family. To keep heat from escaping, wrap the tank with an insulated blanket. Make sure you follow directions to prevent accidental fires.
  4. Control water flow. When you shower, keep it short. MLGW said a five minute shower uses less water than a bath. You can save even more by installing a water-saver showerhead.
  5. Use laundry logic. Try using cold water with cold-water detergent. Do laundry and other heat-producing chores during the coolest time of the day to reduce moisture buildup.
  6. Don't lose your cool air to leaks! Find if air is leaking out of windows, doors, plumbing or cable entrances, or baseboards. Then plug those holes immediately with insulation or rags. You can also cover holes with cardboard and duct tape. For small cracks, use caulk. Also, check your fireplace damper!
  7. Install permanent or plastic storm windows.
  8. Change furnace filters every month for maximum efficiency. 
  9. Adjust your refrigerator setting. Your refrigerator should be set between 38 and 40 degrees; your freezer should be 0 degrees. Open doors only when you need to and avoid frost build up in the freezer.
  10. Start an energy action plan. For more information, click here.

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