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BLOG: How each of us can make a difference

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Every single day I am sent out on a story. Some require interviews, and some are feel-good stories. I also have to cover stories where I want to stand on the scene and cry, but then I realize that there is a task that has to be completed, so I try to find a way to make a difference in any way I can.

Sometimes making a difference takes just a simple hug or a friendly ear.

I recently finished covering a St. Jude story that had me smiling the entire time. A few hours later, I was sent to cover a house fire.

When I arrived at the fire, the home was in very bad shape, but the family was OK. As I was filming the damage, I noticed a little boy standing in his yard. He stared at me the whole time I filmed the burnt home. 

He continued to follow me as I moved around the house. Eventually, I stopped what I was doing and talked to him. I showed him how my camera worked. I even let him shoot a few fire trucks. 

He seemed like the happiest boy in the world when I gave him my WMC Action News 5 microphone and let him interview Lt. Wayne Cook of Memphis Fire Department.

This gesture may seem small--indeed it didn't take much effort from me--but it appeared to mean a lot to the young man. His smile made me feel great, plus, as a huge believer in investing in our children, I feel as if I did my part today.

In the last few weeks, Memphis has become stricken with teen committing and being victims of violence. They are all our responsibility.

There are too many stories of kids becoming distracted with worldly things. I believe that the violence won't change unless we put our hands on their lives and help guide them. 

These kids are our future! Any small gesture can make a huge difference. 

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