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Biker Dad: New helmet calls for help after a crash

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A new helmet will call for help when you can't. The "Helpmet" as it's called detects the shock of a crash and dials for emergency assistance even if you are knocked out and can't call yourself.

A promotional video of the helmet posted on YouTube shows the dramatic scene of a solo rider on a rural road, crashing, alone and unconscious.

"The first helmet that detects serious head impacts and calls for help when riders are unconscious" the video claims. The "Helpmet" was developed in part by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. Thailand has the second highest fatality rate for motorcycles in the world. In addition to the built-in shock sensor, the helmet also has built-in GPS and cellular technology. 

If an impact is strong enough, the helmet will send a text message to emergency operations along with vital information about the rider, name age, gender, etc. 

Good news, if you live in Thailand, but the video does not indicate if and when the technology would be available in the U.S. or other countries.

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