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Person killed in hit-and-run crash

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

A person died after a car hit them in South Memphis on Thursday morning.

Emergency crews responded to the intersection of Trigg Avenue and Wellington Street.

The victim was pronounced dead on the scene. The driver apparently sped off after the crash.

"It kind of made me nervous, and I'm still kind of a little shook up," Jessie Callaway said.

Callaway lives close to the area where the hit-and-run happened and said her husband left to walk to work just minutes after police said the incident happened. Police had not even arrived when he saw the woman's body in the street.

When Callaway looked out the window a few minutes later and saw police everywhere, she panicked.

"He called me back and I was glad I heard his voice," Callaway said. "I said 'You alright?' He said 'Yeah'. Because see, I thought something had happened to him."

Julie Henry also lives close by and said she can't believe the driver didn't at least stop to try and help the woman.

"I'll tell you what I think should happen to them if they catch him," Henry said. "They should put them up under the jail. Whoever it is, woman, man, beast, or dog."

Henry said there is simply no reason for leaving someone in the street.

"There isn't cause for all that," Henry said. "It didn't call for all that. I mean, you just don't."

Callaway said the area near Trigg and Wellington in South Memphis is usually quiet.

"We don't have violence over here, because folks here have cameras," Callaway said.

The only problem, she said, is speeding cars.

"Well, they ride down through here like an airplane," Callaway said.

She is hoping one of the security cameras on the street captured a shot of the car that hit the woman and can help police find who did it. But, with all the cars that speed through the area, those cameras don't settle her fears that someone else could get hurt.

"You can't walk in the streets, because they will run over you if you ain't careful," Callaway said.

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