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Gun stolen from Millington police officer

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

Millington Police Department is trying to find a gun stolen out of one officer's service belt.

Officer Jonathan Duckworth loaded his truck to head to work on May 24. He left his service belt in his truck for just a few minutes while he went back inside to get his children.

When Duckworth returned to his truck, his service belt was gone.

"It's very scary this would happen so close to where my grandma lives by herself," Krystal Pitts said. "That makes me very worried for her safety."

A few days later, a neighbor found the service belt, but the officer's gun was missing.

"No one knows where that gun is now, and that is dangerous," Pitts said.

"It's a little bit irresponsible," Cheri Pitts, Krystal's mom, said. "I kind of hope he's going to have a talking-to or something...some kind of repercussion for it, because now it's in somebody's hands that we don't know."

Millington Public Safety Director Gary Graves said he plans to review all of his department's procedures to securing firearms and other police property.

"We will be working through our personnel policies and what actions--disciplinary actions--that need to come forth out of that," Graves said.

But Krystal Pitts is worried this may not be a mistake we can all just forgive and forget.

"I mean, there's enough gun violence here as it is. We don't need another gun floating around the city."

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