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Motel 6 employee remains undaunted in light of threats from attacker


A Motel 6 employee is relieved the man accused of attacking and harassing her is now behind bars.

And, if she has her way, he will not be free any time soon. She said she plans to make as many trips to court as it takes to ensure he stays locked-up.

"Told me if I showed up to court, he was going to have me killed," Kemiracle Howell said.

But Howell remains undaunted.

"Believe me, I will be at every court appearance. I will be," she said.

Brandon Powell, 31, is accused of stalking Howell following his release on bond after he was charged with sexual battery.

He was accused of attacking Howell and another woman inside a room at Motel 6 where Howell works as a clerk.

Howell's mother told us back in April that it could have been much worse.

"Anything could have happened. She could have lost her life," her mother said.

Howell said Powell made dozens of phone calls to the motel after making bail on the sexual battery charges. He threatened to kill her if she appeared in court.

She also said he claimed to be a well-connected gang member.

"I'm GD, you know, and uh...if you show up in court, I'm going to have your head," Howell said.

Howell said the entire ordeal has been very emotional, and she has a growing family to consider.

Her second child is due next month. 

"Only thing that scares me is, like, his people, you know? I still got to watch my back," she said.

However, she said she won't be too afraid to make sure Powell remains where she believes he should be.

"He's going to be prosecuted to the max," she said.

Brandon Powell is being held on a $1 million bond because of the additional charges of stalking and coercion of a witness.

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