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Residents fight new development

Neighbors against a new development took their fight to the top. The community affected is located near Kate Bond and Reese. The area is where a three story apartment complex will be built. But you can look straight into dozens of backyards. And that's one reason why neighbors wanted the developer stopped. About a half dozen neighbors came to the Land Use Control Board as a last ditch effort to try and stop the 200 unit apartment complex from being built at the end of Kate Bond Road. Lori Calvary is against the development. "They made a big deal to the city council that this wouldn't affect you, just the ends of the buildings will face you, there's no balconies and now they're saying all along they intended to put six balconies on the end of each apartment." They're upset the complex will have two, three story buildings with 24 balconies overlooking their back yards, a plan neighbors say has changed for the worse. Resident Connie Leslie said, "All of these apartments, their windows, their balconies will be overlooking our back yards, which to me is a gross invasion of our privacy. I'm very upset about this, I've lived there 15 years and invested a lot in my home." But the developer says the final plan was designed to answer neighbor concerns. Developer Steve Bodner said, "As a result we got rid of 1/3 of the multi-family homes that would have access or visibility the neighbors, we pushed the buildings back from the property line, making a bigger distance and we increased our green space." In the end the board voted to approve the apartment complex. And the neighbors left feeling like they hadn't been heard. The developer says he'll start building soon. Neighbors say they'll find a way to live with it.
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