TCAP testing dates for all students in grades 1 – 8 approaching

The TCAP Achievement Test is quickly approaching, and Memphis City Schools officials are offering a few suggestions for parents on how to encourage their children to do well.

Memphis City Schools students in grades 1 – 8 will take the TCAP during the week of April 18. To help students prepare for the test, the Tennessee Department of Education has posted TCAP test-taking strategies on its Web site at

In addition, Memphis City Schools officials offer the following tips for parents on TCAP testing:

  • Talk to your child’s teacher about areas in which he or she needs extra help, and work with your child in the recommended areas.
  • Check with your child’s teacher to see if he or she is hosting practice/review sessions or has questions for your child to review at home.
  • Talk to your child about the exam, and tell him or her what is expected. Tell your child that you expect good test results, and display a positive attitude about the test.
  • Discuss the purpose and relevance of testing with your child. Let your child know that even though he or she won’t receive a “grade” for the TCAP, it is still important.
  • Improve your child’s test-taking skills by sharpening his or her thinking skills. When watching a TV program or reading a book together, ask your child basic questions to gauge his or her understanding of the content.
  • When you are shopping, let your child pay the bill and figure out how much change he or she will get back.
  • Make sure your child gets enough sleep during the weeks before and during TCAP week.
  • Make sure your child eats a good breakfast on test days and that he or she gets to school on time.
  • Provide your child with incentives for good performance on the test.