Proposed land bridge upsets some business owners

A plan to change the face of downtown has some business owners upset. They say a proposed land bridge would have a damaging effect on business. The residential building boom in Uptown is pushing toward the Riverfront. But seven industries stand in the way. The Riverfront Development Corporation hopes a feasibility study will answer many questions. The study will determine the impact of a land bridge that would close the harbor, stopping barge traffic to those businesses. We contacted the industries. Many aren't happy about the proposal. A spokesperson for LaFarge North America said, "We are very much against it. We've been in business here 50 years. Building a new facility would cost approximately 10-million dollars." But other businesses may be ready to go.. That would fit in nicely with the R-D-C's master plan. The R-D-C emphasizes they are looking for ways to relocate the businesses in Memphis. The feasibility study should be finished this fall.