Center City Commission hosts forum on park names - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Center City Commission hosts forum on park names

At the second meeting in a month, the battle over Civil War sites in Memphis is no closer to a resolution.

"We as African Americans in this city are being disrespected," said Rev. Jennings Bernard.

Bernard was among five panelists invited to the Center City Commission by County Commissioner Walter Bailey.

"Oh, I think its kind of slanted against the parks right now it appears from the speakers that were presented today," said Lee Millar of the County Historical Commission.

Bailey is now looking to the corporate community for support. And he has it from a well known Memphis businessman who phoned in his vote of confidence.

"Our country has been blessed with our efforts toward successful diversity, this is not successful diversity," said businessman Ira Lipman.

"And hopefully some of the corporate people like Mr. Lipman will get more involved because this is their problem as well," said Bailey.

Lee Millar was the only panelist fighting to keep the names.

"Because they recognize heroes of the past," said Millar.

But to some, the parks' names only say slavery.

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