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Weather Now:

HEAT ADVISORY: Temperatures are in the mid-90s, but it feels like up to 108 degrees with the heat index.

The WMC Action News Storm Tracker 5 weather team will tell us what you need to know about the heat advisory and pop-up showers. Also, stay tuned for your 7-day forecast or download the StormTrack 5 weather app.

News stories we're working on:

4 p.m.

Viral Memphis police photo: A photo is going viral from a restaurant where anonymous patrons picked up the tab of Memphis officers.

Air Travel Law: We’ll tell you how the new Air Travel Law is expected to help with your wallet and make traveling more convenient.

Back-to-school immunizations: We’ll tell you what you need to know about the Shelby County Health Department’s annual Back-to-School Immunization Clinic.

5 p.m.

Suspicious car and high alert for Memphis police: Ian Silver is live with what the Level 3 alert means for the department and citizens.

Day of prayer following violence: Jerry Askin takes us to a ceremony hosted by the Memphis Rainbow PUSH chapter following tensions between law enforcement and the community.

DeSoto County barricade: Rose Eiklor breaks down what happened during a barricade situation in DeSoto County, Mississippi.

Hit-and-run driver wanted: Ian Silver shows us who investigators are looking for in a hit-and-run accident over the weekend.

6 p.m.

Memphis police officers on edge: Tiffany Neely talks about concerns among the ranks following the shooting deaths of officers across the country.

19-year-old killed in Frayser: Jerry Askin speaks with loved ones about the city's 125th homicide.

Rolling blackouts and election preps: Brix Fowler shows us what the Shelby County Election Commission is doing with an MLGW substation down in the county.

Free summer camp for single moms: Jerica Phillips talks with a church that is offering free camp for children, in response to a mother killing her four children earlier this month.

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Rallings opens up about officer shootings in Baton Rouge, Dallas

Taco Bell employee fired after denying service to AL sheriff deputies

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