VIDEO: Camera captures shooting on city bus involving police officers

Video released of officer-involved shooting on city bus that killed man

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KFOR) - Video from a deadly officer-involved shooting on an Oklahoma City bus was released Monday. 

The ordeal began when Miguel Chavez ran onto the bus and urged the driver to speed off. 

"He got on his knees and did this cross thing and I'm thinking, oh Lord," driver John Mobley Jr. said.

Then, Chavez jumped on a luggage rack and grabbed the fire extinguisher. 

Chavez would not leave when Mobley asked him to. Mobley stopped the bus to allow other passengers to get off safely. 

When Chavez saw an officer arrive, he attempted to throw a fire extinguisher at her and then attempted to reach for her gun. When a second officer got involved, Chavez was shot.

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