Accused purse snatcher has history of targeting women

Accused purse snatcher has history of targeting women
Adrew Richardson (Source: SCSO)
Adrew Richardson (Source: SCSO)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A 21-year-old man is in jail, accused of robbing and dragging a 95-year-old woman in front of Oak Court Mall.

A witness identified Adrew Richardson as the man caught on surveillance video grabbing the woman's purse and dragging her several feet across the concrete.

The woman suffered broken teeth, scrapes, cuts, sprains, and bruises. She remains in the hospital recovering.

Investigators said this is not the first violent purse snatching case Richardson has been linked to.

In 2013, police said Richardson attacked a different woman at a different location.

Ed Kapo said his wife was at the laundromat when Richardson pushed her down, grabbed her purse, and ran away.

Two years later, Mrs. Kapo is still shaken up.

"Every time she sees someone, she turns around and looks as if someone's going to snatch her," Kapo said. "The fear is in her."

Kapo said he and his wife actually felt sorry for Richardson. So much so, they decided not to press charges against him.

"We didn't press any charges. You know, it was a young guy and we thought he would learn from his mistakes," Kapo said. "Now he's out and doing it again, and it makes you think he doesn't want to learn and he doesn't want to change."

For now, Richardson remains in jail on aggravated robbery charges.

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