Club hopes to be safe haven for teens in light of FL shooting

Club hopes to be safe haven for teens in light of FL shooting

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Two people were killed and 17 more injured in a shooting at a Florida night club that was hosting an event for teens.

In the wake of this shooting, a popular spot for teens in Memphis to spend time said security is a top priority.

Crystal Palace skating rink is a known staple in South Memphis. Store representatives said their security measures are ready and capable to protect the children of Memphis.

"I've been here for years and Crystal Palace is a safe place," office manager Mary Jordan said.

Jordan said they are keeping children safe with new management, new staff, and more security.

"We check their backpacks to make sure they're not bringing any firearms in here, because we don't allow that," Jordan said.

The rink checks backpacks, makes customers step through metal detectors, and has cameras monitoring the rink inside and out.

"If they do anything that's out of line, they have to deal with mama Mary K," Jordan said.

In addition, parents like Erin Price are stepping in to help.

"Walk around and make sure the children are safe and I am one of them," Price said.

She said parents trust their children will be safe there.

"A lot of parents just dropped their children off, and they have no idea what their kids can do on roller skates," Price said.

However, the Florida club shooting happened outside—somewhere Crystal Palace said they are taking into account.

"We have security that's outside, so when you walk out the building, there's security out there," Jordan said.

They hope the teens can focus on having fun.

"It's a very safe place; I would not say it if it were not true," Price said.

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