Accused shoplifters get lifetime ban from Walmart

Accused shoplifters get lifetime ban from Walmart

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A man and a woman received a lifetime ban from Walmart after police said they stole merchandise multiple times from the retail giant.

On July 21, the Walmart in the 5200 block of Elvis Presley Boulevard caught a man on surveillance camera walking to the electronics department. Hewas identified as Gilbert Edwards.

Edwards, 41, walked to the electronics department, picked up an HP All-in-One HP 20 computer, valued at $600, and walked through the store.

According to police, he made his way to the garden department, where he walked out a fire exit and left the store without paying for the item.

Surveillance video caught him getting into a car and leaving the area.

Walmart Loss Prevention watched the video and identified Edwards as the same man who had shoplifted from the store previous times, leading Walmart to place a lifetime ban on him.

The next day, the same location captured Edwards and Cassie Shorty, 27, on video walking through the store. They made their way to the electronics department and picked up a 40'' Sony TV, valued at $298, and a HP printer, valued at $600.

The two people went the same route as Edwards did the previous day, were picked up by a light colored Chevy Impala in the parking lot, and left the scene.

Walmart placed a lifetime ban on Shorty as well, due to previous thefts.

According to police, the partnership of the individuals started to unravel when it appeared they began to steal from each other.

On July 24, Shorty and another person contacted police and said their home had been burglarized.

Their apartment, located in the 1700 block of Mill Gate CV, was burglarized, but Shorty told police they knew who was responsible.

"Forced entry was gained through the broken living room window. Taken in the burglary was a television, PlayStation 3, and a Sound bar. The victims believed that a male nicknamed 'Tojo' (identified as Gilbert Edwards), and a female named Wendy (identified as Wendy Thomas), were responsible for the burglary," the police affidavit said.

The victims told police there had been an ongoing feud between the victims, Tojo, and Thomas.

Police obtained consent from Thomas to search his residence and officers located the stolen television under the bed. They also located an All-in-One HP computer and a Sony television in the residence.

Nelson told police he drove Edwards and Thomas to the Walmart so they could commit the thefts where the computer and TV were stolen.

Edwards is in jail on a $35,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on July 26. He is charged with three counts of aggravated burglary and one count of theft of property $500 - $1,000.

Shorty is charged with two counts of theft of property and is in jail on a $2,000 bond. She is scheduled for court on July 26.

Thomas is charged with two counts of aggravated burglary and one count of theft of property $500-$1,000. She has a $45,000 bond and will be in court on July 26 as well.

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