Spare tires could become a thing of the past

Spare tires could become a thing of the past

(NBC NEWS) - A new roadside assistance study showed AAA rescued a record number of stranded vehicles this year, and a higher proportion of vehicles were less than five years old.

Many of those rescues were because of flat tires, but about 36 percent of newer vehicles don't have a spare tire.

Some of them may have an inflator kit, instead, which gives you the option of putting air in so you're not stranded where you stand and have to wait for a tow truck.

Thomas Calloway, from Calloway European Automotive Inc., said this is because higher end and newer vehicles come with a run-flat tire. In other words, it doesn't deflate when it's punctured, so there's no room to put a spare tire on it.

Also, weight reduction equals fuel economy-- getting rid of the spare lightens the car's load.

Before you buy a new car, make sure you open the trunk first. There are thousands of drivers hitting the road with the false sense of security.

In newer vehicles, spare tires are an optional feature for an additional price.

AAA recommends ensuring you have a spare or donut already in your vehicle that's inflated and less than six years old.

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