Senator John Ford says he is "falsely accused"

A sweeping ethics reform bill is headed to Governor Phil Bredesen's desk this morning.. unanimously passed by the Tennessee Senate.

The bill bans state contractors from hiring public officials.. and it's all in response to allegations against Senator John Ford.

Lawmakers from both parties rallied behind the reform package which makes it a misdemeanor for public officials to engage in lobbying or consulting deals.

It also makes any payment that rises to the level of bribery a felony.

The measure will also require lawmakers to report the business names and addresses for all sources of income.

Last night in Nashville, Ford reiterated he's done nothing wrong.

"I've been falsely accused of being a consultant...matter of fact, the ethics committee sent the matter over the AG and I hope you do send him some questions to resolve the answer", said the Democratic Senator from Memphis.

In recent weeks, TennCare contractors connected to Ford have tried to distance themselves from the Senator and fired executives close to Ford's alleged consulting deals.

Governor Bredesen said he looks forward to signing the bill.