Tricks to cutting supermarket costs

Ever wonder why you always seem to buy more at the grocery store than you planned? Some experts say there are reasons we wind up spending more. The sounds of the supermarket checkout probably find you spending too much green. But your supermarket bill doesn't have to be that high.

There are lots of supermarket secrets that consumers don't know about. Come inside and we'll show the scoop Schnuck's agreed to share some insider secrets to saving.

"The best values are right here in this ad. So start with the ad. Make yourself a list. Add whatever product you want. Then shop from that list," said Jerry Beck of Schnuck's.

Shopping from your list will help you resist temptations from the start. Supermarkets say there's a reason produce is at the front.

"We're merely putting our best foot forward, That's why you see produce and bakery up front," Beck said.

Christian Brothers University Marketing Professor Doctor Frank Marion warns the store is laid out to get you to buy more than you came for.

"They try to post things, so leading up to the milk, you pick up other things," said Marion. Schnuck's argues the layout is for convenience.

"There's no conspiracy," Beck said.

But there is a trick to getting the freshest products: look to back. While cruising the aisles, remember the most expensive product may be at eye level. Eye level: the easiest purchase would be Easy Mac, but there may be a better value if you look down a shelf or two or up a shelf or two.

The special displays, usually found at the end of aisle, often feature one good sale item, but the others may not be the best value. What they do if they set up an endcap, say with coffee at a bargain, then they'll have a coffee filter near, which is a high dollar, high markup product. It may not be the cheapest filter.

Use these insider secrets and you'll be a smarter shopper:

1.Only use coupons for items you really need. 2. Its not really saving if you wind up throwing the item out. 3. Try store brands, often those brands are made by the same manufacturer as their famous counterparts.