Preventing a break-in

Home Safe Home. It's our way of helping you prevent a break-in. To learn how criminals plot their dirty work, we hired a one time master thief. The ex-con now devotes his life to helping educate people like you and me so your abode remains a Home Safe Home. We rolled through Cordova with Bob, an ex-Marine who served in Vietnam before his career in crime. Bob served eight years in prison for his crimes of the 1970s. Now he helps law abiding people avoid becoming victims. "You just look at the quality of the home and it'll give you an idea of what's in the home." Bob says sophisticated crooks do far more research than just a random drive through. They consult city directories, pick some target houses and then go door-to-door. Bob went straight into a Cordova house with a bogus survey, and did his casing from the inside. He got inside claiming to be taking a survey that sounds legitimate, but is phony, made-up, 100 percent baloney. Bob took the phoney survey next door. In a matter of minutes, Stephanie, a mother of two toddlers with a baby on the way, offers up personal information useful to a burglar. After Bob finished his phony survey, we visited Stephanie and spilled the beans. We introduced Bob to Stephanie properly after all this and he had some advice that he suggests for all of us.