Phishing scam

If you bank with First Tennessee, here's a consumer alert. Some of their customers have been the target of a phishing scam. Bank officials say crooks are sending out e-mails directing First Tennessee customers to a copy-cat site in Korea. The scammers then ask for personal and account information to be entered. The information allows the crooks access to the accounts and the money in them. While the web site looks the same, the scam is easy to spot for one simple reason. Patrick Ruckh, First Horizon Nat'l Corp. said, "We would never ask our customers over the web to put in this kind of confidential information. The things they were looking for were things like your account number, your PIN number, your social security number, things that could be used very easily to steal your identity." Ruckh says the bank would contact the customer in other ways. But he reminds everyone to never give out personal information on the web or over the phone. Only one person fell victim to the scam. The bank is helping that customer open new accounts.