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SCS creates wish list for lawmakers regarding ASD

(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5) (SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)

As children entertained Governor Bill Haslam Thursday during his tour of Winridge Elementary School, the battle continued at the state capital for more changes to the Achievement School District.

Shelby County Schools' Superintendent Dorsey Hopson teamed with other SCS leaders to create a wish list of policy changes they would like to see happen to the state run ASD. One word that kept coming up is accountability.

"We also talked about making sure that the accountability rules were the same," Hopson said. "We are often switching out principals for the school and thinking about the ASD because we are held accountable. We want to make sure that the ASD and all are held accountable."

Recently, ASD has taken over several under performing Memphis schools. Hopson is hoping the wish list will prompt law makers to tighten regulations on how that district performs.

Some proposed changes include requiring the ASD to take over the lowest-performing schools first instead of picking any school considered failing.

Hopson also wants faster notification on which schools would be taken over and the same amount of funding for ASD and SCS students.

"The kids in ASD actually get more money than the kids in Shelby County Schools. So, we really thought that was something that needs to be addressed," Hopson said. "Because, at the end of the day, they're all of our kids and we want all of our kids to have adequate resources."

Governor Haslam said he supports the ASD and is willing to work with Dorsey to better local schools all around.

"One of the realities of the Achievement School District is that it's been a motivator," Haslam said. "If you don't reach those accountability standard, there are some consequences. I'm still very confident in that approach and we're going to continue to make progress there."

The Achievement School District said they already had a wish list for state lawmakers as well and they plan to present that list soon.

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