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Man found dead; car found burning miles away

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(SOURCE: Family) (SOURCE: Family)

Shelby County Sheriff's Office investigators said a man was killed inside his Cordova home.

His missing car was found on Summer Avenue. According to SCSO officials, the car was discovered burning miles away from his home about an hour after his father found him dead.

SCSO spokesperson Earle Farrell originally said a 33-year-old man was shot in the head on Mikayla Lane. However, investigators are now saying the man's cause of death is unknown at this time. They said the medical examiner is searching more closely to determine the exact cause of death.

The man was later identified as Rocky Regenold by family members.

Farrell later said the man's father, who lived with his son in the house on the 6800 block of Mikayla, is the person who found him at around 4:30 Friday morning.

"All we know is that he hadn't been seen since Wednesday by his father," Farrell said. "His father said he hadn't seen him since then."

Farrell said Regenold was discovered underneath a sheet in his bedroom. 

"We are investigating this as a homicide and no suspects in custody," Farrell said. "We're interviewing his father. There's a girlfriend that we're going to be talking to."

Investigators said Regenold's father had been out of town and had not talked to his son since Wednesday. They said the crime took place inside the house.

Early Friday morning, investigators said they could not locate the murder weapon.

"One of the guys knocked at my door at 6:30 and said 'hey, just letting you know there's a car and its on fire, an SUV, and it looks like it's getting worse,'" neighbor Jordan Pearce said.

Pearce thinks the car, discovered in a remote area, was set on fire around 6:15 a.m. Friday. It was in a field in a remote industrial commercial area by Crestview and Thomas. 

Shelby County Sheriff's investigators didn't make the connection to a homicide in Cordova until around 5:30 p.m. Friday. It's unclear at this time how the car ended up in the field.

"I don't know how it could end up from Cordova all the way out here," Pearce said. 

As investigators comb through the scene of this murder, neighbors are also on the lookout for a killer.

"I mean, it's a death. It's disturbing as any death could be," neighbor John Rouse said. "It's disturbing especially if somebody came in and shot somebody. It would be something that would bother me and concern me."

People said there are a lot of cameras on businesses where the burned SUV that might have captured someone walking away from the SUV or catching a ride. 

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