A Better Mid-South: Decriminalization of marijuana

A Better Mid-South: Decriminalization of marijuana

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Editorial by Tracey Rogers, Vice President and General Manager of WMC Action News 5.

The Memphis City Council has voted 6 - 3 on first reading of an ordinance that would make possession of a small amount of marijuana a civil penalty, rather than add to a person's criminal history.

Supporters of the ordinance say the reduced penalties will free up the court system and give people a chance to stay in the work force instead of in jail or out of a job.

But Memphis Police Director Mike Rallings said he just can't support any ordinance that would make it easier for drug dealers to get away with their crimes and possibly lead to more people doing drugs.

On this issue, I see both sides. So I want to hear from you on this one.

Do you agree with the decreased penalty or do you feel we need to keep things as they are when it comes to marijuana use?

Email me at abettermidsouth@wmctv.com or post a message on my Facebook page.

Starting a conversation on issues like this always make this A Better Mid-South

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