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Portrait honors oldest veteran

(Source: KXAN) (Source: KXAN)

(KXAN)  Ken Pridgeon runs the Portrait of a Warrior Memorial Art Gallery in Baytown, Texas.

He's best known for painting more than 300 portraits of fallen soldiers. On Wednesday he presented a portrait to the nation's oldest living veteran, Austin's Richard Overton, who turned 110 in May.

"I was really surprised...it excited me, I've never seen one before. I really love this one," Overton said of his portrait, as he held court on his East Austin front porch, with a number of well-wishers and friends around him.

Pridgeon was overwhelmed by meeting Overton.

"He's like a 65 or 70-year-old guy, he's amazing," he said. "He's younger than I am at heart, even. Smokes 12 cigars a day, drinks a little whiskey. I've just made a true friend. I'm really hooked. I really love him."

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