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Man accused of multiple assaults on MPD officers

Justin Vick (Source: MPD) Justin Vick (Source: MPD)

A Memphis man stands accused of getting rough with officers and firefighters.

Memphis Police Department went to a home to help someone they believed was in need, but they arrived to find an angry man.

The man, Justin Vick, was upset and yelling obscenities at officers.

Officers said Vick then told officers he would beat them up, and he pushed an officer into a chain link fence. 

"If you attack someone, it's bad enough, but to attack someone that's responsible for me and you, it's even worse," Cindy Isbell said.

Vick then pushed a firefighter to the ground, according to the police report. 

Eventually officers were able to take Vick into custody, but the violence didn't end there.

When they brought Vick to the hospital, he started yelling and was able to kick an officer in the groin.

Then at the jail house, Vick sat in the floor, refused to move, and eventually spat on an officer.

Vick now faces multiple assault charges, disorderly conduct, evading arrest, and resisting official detention.

"There's no need for any type of violence, especially when it comes to a police officer," Ricky Adams said.

Residents said they are shocked at the way people are treating police officers lately. They said the punishment for doing so should be harsher.

"Police officers are out here doing what they are supposed to do to help the city and by them doing violent acts against the police officer--something severe needs to be done about it," Adams said. 

Vick was booked into jail on a $600 bond.

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