Making the Grade: Pittman and Feaster

Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, "Teachers cannot build the future for our youth, but they can help build our youth for the future." And this year, the Memphis Rotary Club awarded 10 educators for their youth building. Meet two of this year's Rotary Award for Teacher Excellence Recipients who are making the grade. Fredha Feaster loves teaching her second graders. "'I just love working with children and they are so funny. They come up with some of the most amusing things, just their ideas and their enthusiasm." And 21 years of teaching hasn't dampened her enthusiasm. The Downtown Elementary School educator says her greatest reward is seeing a child understand a lesson. "And all of a sudden that little light bulb comes on and you can see them, you can see a change in their face, and they realize, 'Oh, this is what I do now!' That's just rewarding that they finally get it." Margaret Pittman is another award winning Downtown Elementary School teacher with a love of science. "I feel so blessed that I get to do everyday what I love. I love to see the children excited when they discover things, they get me excited." The greatest lesson this 28 year teaching veteran has learned is that she can motivate her own students by continuing to grow and learn herself. "If you want your children to be life-long learners, when they see that you are, I think that encourages them to value education." Pittman and Feaster are Making the Grade as two of this year's Rotary Award Teacher of Excellence recipients.