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Students afraid to return to class because of violence, bullying

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

Students at Kingsbury High School said they're scared to go to class, because fights are all too common.

Students and parents said there have been fights inside the school nearly every day since school started.

One student, who asked to be kept anonymous, said he was the victim of a sucker punch Monday.

"We were just talking about football, and somebody took it the wrong way," the student said.

He said one kid punched him as he walked out of class and then another knocked him down and hit him several times in the head.

He said a teacher eventually stepped in and tried to break up the fight, but the other kid wasn't finished.

"He picked me up, threw me across the teacher's desk, and I hit my head on the floor real hard. And then another kid came up and kicked me in the back of my head."

The whole thing was caught on video and posted to Facebook.

The student had to go to a hospital emergency room for treatment after the fight. Doctor's diagnosed him with a concussion and a badly bruised jaw.

"Stuff like this shouldn't be going on in schools, especially when a teacher's in the room," the student's father said.

He said he's trying to get his son transferred to another school because he doesn't think the principal and teachers are doing enough to keep students safe.

That's not the only fight at Kingsbury recently.

A female Kingsbury student said she was jumped after a football game.

The girl said a group of four or five girls pulled her to the ground by her hair and started kicking her in the face and head. She suffered bruises and a bloody nose.

"I was like, 'I hope these girls don't kill me,' because they were all on top of me at one time. And I was so scared. I was crying."

She's now afraid to return to school.

Families of the anonymous girl and boy who spoke to WMC Action News 5 said they filed police reports with Memphis Police Department.

Shelby County Schools released the following statement about fights at Kingsbury High School.

The safety of our students is our number one priority, and staff members work closely with school security to ensure students are safe on campus.
The students involved in these isolated incidents have been disciplined according to school policy. The staff at Kingsbury High holds its students to high standards when it comes to conduct. The efforts of staff and security, along with the cooperation of students, have contributed to fewer safety and behavior-related incidents this school year.

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