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Man attempts suicide by driving car off Loosahatchie Bridge

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A vehicle careened off the Loosahatchie Bridge at North Watkins Road and landed upside down beneath the bridge. The crashed caused traffic to be shutdown on parts of the Loosahatchie Bridge for hours.

First responders utilized a crane to get to and rescue the man driving the car.

Witnesses said the man lost control of his car, flipped into the air, and landed upside down on the ground below. They said the man was speeding before his car flew off the bridge.

"We seen a man lose control of his car. He went in between the rails on the bridge and then he hit the bump on the bridge and he flew straight up in the air," Ethel Rogers said.

Sara Rogers said she saw the crash as well.

"About 50 feet in the air and landed upside down in between the bridges."

The mother and daughter pair said they rushed to try and help after seeing what happened.

"So, I did a U-turn and I went to the fire department and knocked on the fire department door and they followed me down to the bridge," Rogers said.

Rogers was driving the opposite direction as the man who crashed. 

"He looked like he was going to land right on top of us; so I just sped up real fast," Rogers said.

They drove straight to the nearest fire station and brought firefighters back to the scene.

"I could hear him screaming when we came back with the ambulance--so he was OK...He was screaming help," Rogers said.

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Sadly, Shelby County Sheriff's deputies said the crash was not an accident.

"We were able to retrieve him. He's alive. He's talking. He told one of my officers that he was trying to kill himself," Rick Goforth said. "He smoked some crack and he came out here attempting to kill himself."

Sgt. Goforth said the man had noticeable injuries to his shoulders and arms because of the nature of the accident. 

"We going to get him some mental healthcare," Goforth said.

However, the man could face criminal charges. 

If you or anyone you know is considering harming themselves, you are urged to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Help is there for you 24 hours a day.

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