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Coyotes spotted in Midtown, Lakeland

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Does Memphis have a coyote problem? Some people seem to think so.

Coyotes have been sighted in both Midtown and Lakeland. Tom Mitchell came face-to-face with a young coyote on Wednesday at the front gate to his Lakeland neighborhood.

“Probably a 30 to 40 pound animal--healthy looking guy,” Mitchell said.

He would have been surprised if it hadn’t been the fourth coyote he had spotted in two weeks.

“So that means they’re moving in,” Mitchell said.

The coyotes have been spotted near Lakeland Elementary School, leading some to be concerned.

“It would make me a little bit concerned,” one parent said. “But I would hope that just so many children and the activity, they won't get too close.”

So far, they haven’t done so.

Jim Atkinson, Lakeland city manager, said they are aware of the recent coyote sightings. He said no one has reported the coyotes being aggressive toward people or pets.

“It's important that when people see these that they can call up here, because we are on it now and we're looking into it,” Atkinson said. “I have more meetings this afternoon with independent contractors to look into ways if we could possibly push them out of here.”

Meanwhile, on the Nextdoor app, several people have reported seeing coyotes near Overton Park.

Katie Johns comes to the park with her dog Lucy every day, but said she is not concerned.

“I haven't seen any, so it doesn't concern me,” Johns said. “Wouldn't stop me from coming here.”

Mitchell is not overly concerned either, but wants a bit more space between the home and the animals.

“They are a part of nature, but I would be happier if they were just kind of pushed back to the woods a little bit more and get them off the street,” Mitchell said.

One thing to remember: coyotes are normally more afraid of humans than we are of them.

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