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Strong Oklahoma earthquake felt in Memphis


No, you aren't crazy, the ground really was shaking across parts of the Mid-South this morning.

At approximately 7:05 a.m., a 5.6 magnitude earthquake was reported about 8.6 miles Northwest of Pawnee, Oklahoma. Initial reports coming out of the area point to some damage near the epicenter, but thankfully so injuries so far.

At 5.6, this would be the strongest earthquake ever reported in the state of Oklahoma, tied with one back in November of 2011.

Reports of shaking from this have been seen as far North as Nebraska, as far South as Texas and as far East as Memphis!

"The bed started shaking,” Lori Eshnaur said. “Kind of felt similar like you're in a cruise ship.”

Eshnaur was born in California, but never expected to feel an Earthquake down here.

“Wasn’t prepared for it in Memphis,” she said.

Melissa Darnell said she was staying at a hotel downtown and thought the shaking was her husband reaching for the alarm.

“We turn back over, I thought him turning over is what caused the bed to start shaking,” she said.

Closer to the epicenter, Oklahoma schools were shaken, grocery stores disheveled, and buildings rained down debris.

All of that made Mid-Southerners feel better about the slight jolt they felt.

“It was so scary,” Eshnaur said. “We have friends in Oklahoma, and we texted her and made sure she was okay, and she said yes.”

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