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Standoff situation over, man in custody

(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5) (SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)

Shelby County Sheriff's Office officials said a barricade situation has been resolved and the suspect is in custody.

Officials responded earlier to a situation where they said a man had been standing in the middle of the street firing shots in the 1400 block of Richwood Place. 

According to Earle Farrell, SCSO Public Information Officer, the man was standing in the street with a gun for more than an hour. He was suicidal and fired "several shots"--one in the air and one at the ground. 

SWAT responded to the scene, along with other law enforcement and emergency personnel.

Sources said the man is 80-years-old and is battling Stage IV cancer. Family and friends were able to help calm the man down and bring the standoff to a peaceful resolution.

For more than an hour, neighbors watched as the stand off situation escalated.

"They easily could have shot him," neighbor Darold Hines said.

Hines said while the 80-year-old man fired shots in the air, he challenged deputies to shoot him.

"They had the big black dogs out. It was like Afghanistan around here," Hines said.

Neighbors said the man is a pillar of the community and once captained their Neighborhood Watch group.

"When my father passed, he was one of the first people in there to check on us," Hines said.

Neighbors said they believe the pain the man was suffering because of the cancer could have been the cause of Monday's incident.

"He was in pain everyday. Everyday. From the time he woke up to the time he went to bed," neighbor Michael Jones said.

Jones said watching the stand off unfold reminded him of his own father, who battled cancer. His father was driven to suicidal thoughts as well during his battle with cancer.

"Everyone I know who I see go through that wanted to take their own life because they couldn't handle the pain," Jones said.

SCSO officials said the man is now in custody and will receive a mental evaluation. It is unclear at this time if he will face any charges.

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