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Police: Man steals victim's clothes and BMW while he's in gym shower

Jeremy Harris (SOURCE: SCSO) Jeremy Harris (SOURCE: SCSO)

Memphis police arrested a man Sunday they said stole a man's wallet, keys, and clothes from a man's locker while the victim was in the shower at the downtown YMCA on Madison Avenue. 

Police said Jeremy Harris, 20, even drove off in the man's BMW.  The victim used a cellphone app to help police track down his car and many of his belongings.

"I don't know what type of person would do that," gym member Kathy Haggo said.

Haggo said she's shocked and is now being more alert.

"I would wonder if he had a lock on the lockers. You have to bring your own locks," Haggo said.

At this time, it's not clear if the victim had a lock on his locker or if the suspect is a member at the gym.

"It's definitely concerning," gym member Wes Newbill said.

Police said the victim used a YMCA's employee's 'Find My iPhone' app to track his phone and help police find his car and the suspect.

Police found Harris down the street from the gym, leaning on the victim's car in the back parking lot of Frida's restaurant. Documents show Harris had the victim's keys and driver's license and confessed to removing items from the car.

Wes Newbill said he's being more careful at the gym after hearing about this burglary.

"I left my wallet and my keys on just a shelf. I figured since it's the YMCA it's pretty safe," Newbill said.

Many gym-goers say they feel pretty safe at the downtown location, but say more security wouldn't hurt.

"Maybe monitor the people who actually come in," Newbill said.

YMCA issued a statement regarding the theft.

We were made aware of the theft yesterday by the member and the Fogelman YMCA Staff immediately ran an access report.  Through our access software, we are aware of every member or guest in our building at any time.  We were able to provide this information to the police who along with the vehicle owners cooperation, arrested the thief and returned all stolen property. 

Harris is at the Shelby County Jail facing theft charges.

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