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Noura Jackson opens trial to receive mother's estate

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A woman found guilty of stabbing her mother to death in 2005 is now part of a civil trial, hoping to receive her mother’s estate. 

Noura Jackson was released from prison a month ago, and will be soon back in court for another issue. After 11 years behind bars, Jackson's attorneys said she is living in Memphis and working in the kitchen of a restaurant. She is also dealing with the her mother's siblings in probate court over her mother's estate.

The legal battle Jackson is preparing for is one her attorneys said could prove she did not kill her mother Jennifer.

"For Noura, it's about getting to the bottom of it," attorney Thomas Greer said. "Apparently for the siblings, it's about getting money."

The case involves her mother’s family, who is battling for Jennifer Jackson’s $1.5 million estate.

Jackson is fighting two of her aunts and an uncle, who said she should receive nothing. The relatives cite Tennessee’s slayer statute that they said should disqualify Jackson from receiving the money.

"Noura has never made a claim for her mother's estate," Greer said.

Jackson's attorneys said she is now fighting in probate court for the estate because her mother's siblings made a claim for the estate last year. They said Noura, who is the beneficiary of the life insurance policy, does not deserve it because she killed her mother. 

Relatives said they should get the money.

"The probate court said, 'no you don't automatically win,'" Greer said. "We're going to have a hearing and we're going to find out what a jury says about it."

Noura is an only child and is her mother’s only direct heir. She maintains that she did not kill her mother.

Last year, Jackson pleaded guilty to manslaughter, but was able to maintain her innocence under an Alford plea. It was a way to get out of prison. 

Jackson's attorneys said the civil trial over the estate is also a way for Noura Jackson to get a fair trial.

"This is an opportunity to have a real review of the forensics evidence and the DNA evidence that pointed to someone else and cleared Noura," attorney Michael Working said. 

The probate case is scheduled to go to trial in July 2017.

The attorney for Jennifer Jackson's siblings declined to comment.

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