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Parents seek answers after DeSoto Central student makes threats

DeSoto Central High School (Source: WMC Action News 5) DeSoto Central High School (Source: WMC Action News 5)

Parents of DeSoto Central High School students said they are afraid to send their children to school after a student made threats Thursday.

Parents said while there was no weapon in the school, the threat was enough for their children to fear their safety and they want answers from the school.

"I was frustrated that the school was not on top of it,” one mother said. “I got several texts—fearful texts.”

The mother said she fears repercussions to her children, so she chose to hide her identity.

DeSoto County Schools said a student made threats to other students Thursday. DCS said they investigated the threats and ensured students’ safety wasn’t compromised.

"There were at least a dozen taking cover,” the mother said.

While a district spokesperson said the situation was handled calmly, parents said they received frantic phone calls from their children, saying they were hiding in a classroom from a student with a hit list.

One mother said her daughter was one of 12 students hiding in the counseling office after hearing rumors about the list.

"It was gut wrenching knowing that he or she was in danger and not knowing what the situation could lead to,” the mother said.

The school may not be able to control wild rumors, but parents said they could have eased the panic if they had communicated better by sending an alert or even answering questions.

"They couldn't tell us anything but the kids and staff was safe,” the mother said.

Hours later, parents received an email from DeSoto Central, explaining the student in the investigation will be facing disciplinary action. Parents want to know if the student is still in school, however.

The district is not allowed to discuss discipline of a student, but parents want to know why the school waited so long to reach out to parents.

"After they acknowledged that social media stirred it up, my wish would have been they use the same social media to calm it down.”

Southaven Police said they were not able to comment on what happened yesterday, but said their school resource officer was at the school during the time.

No charged were filed against the student.

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