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Going to the game? Bring a poncho


The Southern Heritage Classic festivities have already begun, but the big game kicks off Saturday at 6 p.m. at Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium and the big weather question is: will it rain? 

A cold front is poised to move through the Mid-South Saturday, ushering in cooler temperatures and a nice, albeit brief, break from the heat of the past week.

The front will also bring a chance for rain to much of the Mid-South, including Memphis.  Forecast models have been rather consistent all week with the timing of the front and what it will bring to the area, but will it rain out the game?  As new data came in Friday evening, it still indicated the front moving through Saturday afternoon, triggering scattered showers followed by cooler drier air.  

The front itself will move from northwest to southeast during the early afternoon.  A line of rain will likely develop along the leading edge of the front following that same path.  This will likely bring the best chance for rain in Memphis from 2-4 p.m.  That's not so good news for pregame tailgaters, but it is good news for game goers.  

By the 6 p.m. kickoff, the majority of rain should be well south and east of Memphis moving through north Mississippi.  There will likely be a north wind at the time with temperatures in the lower eighties that will continue to fall into the mid to upper seventies before the end of the fourth quarter.  So, if you're going to the game, bring a poncho but you may also want to bring a windbreaker or light jacket as the chance for rain during the game will be slim and a dry, cool, breezy pattern is more likely.  

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