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Biker Dad: Watch the fastest man on one wheel break the world record

Source: YouTube, Kevin Scott Source: YouTube, Kevin Scott
North Yorkshire, UK. (WMC) -

When you think of motorcycles, you think of a vehicle with two wheels. But for one motor team, one is enough. And their amazing feat of engineering, power and speed just landed them in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Kevin Scott was behind the wheel, or actually inside the wheel when it hit the record speed of 98.464 km/h (61.18 mph). But, there was a whole group of engineers who designed, built and prepared the vehicle they call "WarHorse" for the run. 

According to the Guinness website:

A monowheel motorcycle is one large wheel that revolves around a track, inside which the engine and rider are housed. The driver has to control the vehicle using careful control of throttle and perfect balance.

The team set the record at Elvington Airfield in North Yorkshire, UK. The speed was recorded over a quarter of a mile at a "flying start." Guinness says that "to achieve this Guinness World Records title, the monowheel had to be run solely on power produced by its engine and the speed had to be timed from a flying start over a distance of no less than a quarter mile (402 metres)."

The team beat out the previous record holder from California who reached a speed of 91.7 km/h (57 mph).

According to the Guinness website, going fast on a monowheel presents a very special challenge:

One major challenge for monowheel riders is avoiding a "gerbil incident" - that is, accidentally looping around with the outer wheel instead of remaining seated at the base of the vehicle.

The team is keeping their WarHorse tuned in case someone else steps up to break the record. 

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